DOWNLOAD Smarters Red V3 Top/Bottom Layout [AES V2&V3 Panel]


Jun 4, 2021
Smarters Red V3 Top/Bottom Layout

  • Works with V2[FTG] and V3 Panel
  • AES encryption
  • Master search is working
Screenshot_20210822-163436_Red Smart.jpg
This is a revived classic form V2 Smarters with a fresh update in looks. This layout was created from the original APK I posted yesterday and I have not been able to test every version of the layout files I have modified due to limited devices. So far it works on Android TV (Nvidia shield), Note 20+ and Tab S7. I would recommend fully testing before rebranding or selling. I will update the app when I can test more devices or receive feedback. Also the package name has been changed to prevent clashing with the app I posted yesterday.

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